Project Team

Boston University
Prof. Pablo A. Ruiz, Prof. Michael C. Caramanis, Prof. Ioannis Paschalidis, Dr. Richard Tabors
Project management, optimization algorithms, impact assessment, technology commercialization
The Brattle Group
Bruce Tsuchida
Market design, policy analysis and impact assessment
Newton Energy Group
Dr. Alex Rudkevich
Algorithm development, commercial software implementation
Polaris Systems Optimization
Dr. C. Russ Philbrick
Commercial software implementation 
Peter Nieuwesteeg
Optimization modeling platform
Tufts University
Prof. Alex Stankovic
Algorithms for fast small-signal and voltage stability evaluations
Northeastern University
Prof. Ali Abur
Dynamic state estimation
PJM Interconnection
Bhavana Keshavamurthy
Operations and implementation advice and review

Topology Control Algorithms

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