Topology Control Algorithms

Economic Benefit Studies

The TCA team carries out detailed economic valuation studies of ISO/RTO systems to quantify the operational benefits of implementation of Topology Control (line switching).  Studies undertaken for the PJM ISO show that the annual benefits in reduced generation costs are greater than $100 million.

Ex-Post Emergency Event Reporting
The TCA team, working closely with ISO/TSC operations provides after the fact evaluations of line switching alternatives that would have been available to operators during the emergency event.  These studies are used both for documentation in response to regulators as well as for contingency training for operators facing emergency events.

Analytic support: Transmission Outage Requests

The TCA team and TCA software systems are used by ISO/RTOs to analyze the multiple hundreds of transmission outage requests received annually.  Topology Control analytics identify alternative topologies that minimize the system cost of proposed outages as well as significantly reducing the cycle time and complexity of evaluation of outage requests.

Analytic Support: Transmission Maintenance Scheduling

The TCA team and TCA software provide analytic support to transmission operators and ISO/TSOs for scheduling of both generation and transmission maintenance.  Analyses
identify multiple topologies that reduce system cost and assure operational reliability.

Topology Control Market Impact Analyses
The TCA team using TCA software systems provide consulting analytic services to market traders in energy and transmission rights.  Studies focus on the potential of the implementation of Topology Control (line switching) on current and future market trading and market positions.

Decision Support Timeline

​Project Timeline

Q3 2013  Initial Market Simulations and Benefit Estimates (DC Modeling)

Q1 2014  Market Simulations and Benefit Estimates (AC modeling)

Q2 2014  Off-line advisory service

Q4 2014  Off-line advisory tool

Q4 2014  Co-optimization of UC and Transmission Topology